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Our lesson guides support K-12 educators in integrating cutting-edge content about Asia and the Asian American experience into their curriculum. Spend a class period or weeks diving into topics related to world history, geography, culture, and literature. Professional Development opportunities provide training and coaching for implementation at a school, campus, or district level.

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There is a great need for Asia-specific learning materials that are engaging and relevant to educators and students. Students will benefit from the intentional building of cross-cultural connections and the strong alignment to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Mal Bernardo

10th grade English Teacher, Debakey High School, Houston ISD

Educational Comics for Shared Learning

Adventures of Asia is student platform for learning about Asia and the Asian American experience through web comics. Adventures of Asia includes 14 comics featuring Asia and Asian American experiences and interactive blocks to assess learning.

Lessons Guides Customized
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Dr. Melody Li

Professor, University of Houston

Dr. Melody Yunzi Li is an Assistant Professor of Chinese studies. Dr. Li’s knowledge and passion for Asian cinema, dance, and music comes through in high-energy, engaging, and fun lessons that connect historical issues to pop culture.

Hannah Chung

Instructor, Houston Korean Educator Center

Ms. Chung’s experience in teaching Korean language at Asia Society has informed her lessons on introducing students to Korean language, culture, and history.

Dr. Mohan Ambikaipaker

Professor, University of Houston

Mohan Ambikaipaker is Associate Director and Associate Professor in the World Cultures and Literatures program at the University of Houston.

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