Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do the courses cost?

    A few courses are free to give you a sample of the type of plans we provide. Standalone courses are $10 and bundles are $50. A full license for $200 gives you year-long access to all courses on the website as well as a monthly newsletter with additional resources. Full license subscribers are also eligible for discounts and promotions related to school tours (in-person and virtual).

  • How are the courses created?

    Courses are created by Asia Society Texas staff, educators, scholars, and community partners. Many courses are inspired and informed by our unique programming at Asia Society.

  • Are the courses aligned to the TEKS?

    Yes! Each lesson plan starts with the TEKS, and a list of TEKS are included in each lesson.

  • Which subject areas are featured?

    All content is humanities-centered. Lesson plans have specific connections to standards in Social Studies, ELA, and Fine Arts. Additionally, STEM components are woven in when possible.

  • Do you offer school-wide or district-wide licensing options?

    Yes! Packages are available for school-wide or district licensing, as well as customizable packages or plans. Please contact Jennifer Kapral at [email protected] for more information.

  • What is included in each course?

    Each lesson is highly robust, thorough, and contains everything you would need to teach the material- whether for one class period or over a unit. Enroll in a free course to see all the elements, which include objectives, an outline, any powerpoints or presentations, videos, links, graphic organizers, and assessments.

  • What if I have a request for a customized lesson guide or curriculum plan?

    We can collaborate to create customized plans for individuals, schools, or districts. Please email Jennifer Kapral, Director of Education, [email protected] with any requests or feedback.

  • Do I need to enroll to access the free lesson guides and courses?

    Yes, users must create a free account to access any materials, including free ones. Asia Society keeps track of the volume usage for data reporting and grant proposals.

  • Do you provide professional development?

    Yes! Asia Society Texas staff and scholars can assist teachers, campuses, and districts with targeted professional development. From tutorials on how to use Asia in the Classroom to workshops from scholars, we offer an array of options to meet the needs of educators.